Module 5: Data Integration and Industrial Internet of Things


This module introduces Industrial IoT and data integration as critical elements of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. Learn about key data analytics tools and techniques for your business. Discover the layers of Industrial IoT architecture and the considerations for systems connectivity and interoperability. Learn about the benefits of IoT gateways with edge computing capabilities.

Part 1 – Introduction to Data Analytics (25 mins):
• Overview of Big Data
• Data analytics tools and techniques (data preparation, data analysis, data mining, machine learning, data visualisation)
• Vertical data integration
• Data integration as a basis for smart data analytics
• Multi-sensor data fusion

Part 2 – Industrial Internet of Things (18 mins):
• Cyber-Physical Systems
• Layers of Industrial IoT architecture
• Connectivity and interoperability challenges in Industrial IoT
• Retrofit devices and IoT gateways

Part 3 – Edge Computing and Cyber Security (16 mins):
• Three stages in Industrial IoT
• Cyber security challenges and industry standards
• Overview of edge computing (cloud, fog and edge computing explained)
• IoT gateways with edge computing capabilities

Watch this short video from Module 5