Essentials of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing (ALL 6 MODULES INCLUDED)


Module 1: Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing: Overview, Key Technologies and Future Trends (60 mins):
Part 1: Industry 4.0 Introduction and Overview
Part 2: Overview of Key Technologies in Industry 4.0
Part 3: Future Trends in Industry 4.0

Module 2: Flexible Manufacturing with Collaborative Robotics (60 mins):
Part 1: Introduction to Collaborative Robots
Part 2: Safety, Perception and Mobile Robotics
Part 3: Case Study of Flexible Automation using Collaborative Robotics

Module 3: Digital Twins and Simulation in Manufacturing (62 mins):
Part 1: Simulation in Manufacturing
Part 2: Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Part 3: Building Information Modelling and Digital Twins in Factory Planning

Module 4: Digital Production and Shop Floor Management (60 mins):
Part 1: Vertical and Horizontal Data Integration
Part 2: Manufacturing Execution Systems
Part 3: Digital Shop Floor Management

Module 5: Data Integration and Industrial Internet of Things (59 mins):
Part 1: Introduction to Data Analytics
Part 2: Industrial Internet of Things
Part 3: Edge Computing and Cyber Security

Module 6: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Manufacturing (59 mins):
Part 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Part 2: Overview of A.I. Technologies
Part 3: Examples of A.I. Applications in Manufacturing