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This module provides an overview of the systems and data integration elements required to achieve seamless digital production and digital shop floor management. Understand the key components of vertical and horizontal data integration. Learn about the different categories and capabilities of Manufacturing Execution Systems. Discover the requirements to make the transition to digital shop floor management as part of your Industry 4.0 implementation strategy.

Part 1 – Vertical and Horizontal Data Integration (17 minutes)

  • Elements of horizontal and vertical data integration
  • Example of RFID for product tracking and tracing
  • Overview of enterprise to machine levels systems (ERP, PPC, APS, MES, process and machine level)

Part 2 – Manufacturing Execution Systems (26 minutes)

  • Introduction to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • MES as a digital tool for production management
  • Interface between ERP and MES systems
  • MES functionalities (including shop floor scheduling, capacity management, order view, bottle neck view)
  • Categories of MES systems
  • Examples of different MES solutions available

Part 3 – Digital Shop Floor Management (17 minutes)

  • Typical tasks in shop floor management
  • Transitioning from a traditional lean approach to digital shop floor management
  • Requirements and key elements of digital shop floor management
  • Example of digital shop floor management software and solutions