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This module introduces the concept of collaborative robotics and their role in flexible and autonomous smart manufacturing. Learn about the structure, benefits and challenges of collaborative robotics. Understand the industrial applications of perception technologies and smart robots. Explore a case study of the development of a collaborative robot solution in manufacturing and the business benefits achieved.

Part 1 – Introduction to Collaborative Robots (26 minutes)

  • Traditional vs. advanced and collaborative robots
  • Structure of collaborative robotic systems
  • Benefits, drivers and inhibitors of collaborative robots
  • Overview of collaborative robot sensor technology
  • Industrial applications of collaborative robots

Part 2 – Safety, Perception and Mobile Robotics (17 minutes)

  • Safety requirements in collaborative robotics
  • Perception technologies and smart robots
  • Industrial applications of perception technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence-based prediction of operator intentions
  • Overview of mobile robotics

Part 3 – Case Study of Flexible Automation using Collaborative Robotics (17 minutes)

  • Overview of industrial problem
  • Analysis of potential solution using collaborative robotics
  • Development stages of the collaborative robot
  • Outcome and business benefits of the final collaborative robot solution